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IMC Major operating sectors

-    Exploiting, developing and managing the contents of 2 Channels TodayTV, YouTV, MTV, and Paramount Channel Vietnam..

-    Providing professional services on TV Channel Management.

-    Producing movies and TV programs.

-    Broadcasting the most attractive TV movies of the world in Vietnam in the first time.

-    Generalizing interesting national and international TV Shows, Vietnamese, Asian and Hollywood Films, reality show, gameshow, kid programs…and broadcasting in 24/24.

-    In collaboration with TV Channels to develop and produce info-entertainment special economic – entertainment programs.

-    Organizing and sponsoring for entertainment programs.

-    Trading and market exploitation of Movie World Magazine – the top magazine in Vietnam movie, publishing on 5th and 20th day monthly.

-    Managing and developing  top leading magazine in Vietnam for married women, publishing on Tuesday weekly throughout the country.

With young and experienced leadership, active staffs, reputable collaborators forces together with professional partners, IMC is a united group, developing for the interest of the community and serve audience.


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