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IMC Gala “Tiếp sức hồi sinh”: The night for golden hearts Gratitude

With more than VND 480 million is donated, Gala “Tiếp sức hồi sinh” is also a bridge connecting golden hearts with less fortunate pieces of life.
“Tiếp sức hồi sinh” is a humanitarian program aimed at helping, saving lives of patients, who cope with serious diseases, too many difficulties in life and have no conditions for therapeutic. Program is also a bridge connecting benefactors, golden hearts with unluckier people. Program is effectuated in form of reportage, talking to characters, doctors, guests with the financial support of benefactors. With the companion of donors, the first number of “Tiếp sức hồi sinh” is aired on 02/5/2013. Up to present, there have been more than 100 characters are helped and shared. They have partly overcome difficulties, struggled with illness in order to back to life, family, community and society.



In response to those spirits and precious gestures, Gala “Tiếp sức hồi sinh” is first held as a deep gratitude that IMC - TodayTV wishes to send to enterprises, benefactors, individuals and organizations who have been with program for the past years. It cannot fail to mention Vinh Phuc Herbs Corporation, My Hao Company, Cat Tuong Ltd. Trade and Services – 03 sponsors who have been accompanied with “Tiếp sức hồi sinh” from the very first days. Speaking in Gala, Lam Chi Thien - CEO of IMC Group said: "Tonight is our deep gratitude that IMC wish to send to the enterprises, benefactors, individuals and organizations who have joined us in reaching hands for less fortunate pieces of life. This is also a very meaningful opportunity for us to look back on what we have done in the journey of “Resurrection" and what we will carry out in time to come. A tree cannot make a forest, hoping that the program will continue receiving attention and sharing of many organizations, individuals and businesses across country in order to help more and more patients to struggle with illness and back to life, family, community and society."



Gala “Tiếp sức hồi sinh”: The night for golden hearts gratitude has received participation of numerous benefactors, individuals, associations as well as celebrities such as: Kim Ly, Amy Huong, Quach Tuan Du, Viet Trinh, NBK Chau Tho, Quach Thanh Danh, Phuc An, singer Giao Linh, Hoang Bach, Quoc Thien, Giang Hong Ngoc, Nhat Ha, Chi Dung ... In his role as ambassador of the program, Quyen Linh directly call philanthropists for support. In the spirit of "A stitch in time saves nine", there are so many raising up arms for donation, and later on, the ambience becomes "heavier". In Quyen Linh's words, the "heavy" here is in terms of both “money” and "sentiment".






Besides the contribution of the benefactors such as associations, unions, entrepreneurs... artists like Quach Tuan Du also supports with his just-received catse. Actress & entrepreneur Amy Huong supports $ 1,000, Miss Ocean Dang Thu Thao, Dance-sport grandmaster My An also supports 5 million each. Gala ends successfully with the total raised amount is VND 481,200,000 million.
Some photos of artists in a Gala “Tiếp sức hồi sinh, "TodayTV connects hearts".





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