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The star crew from "8-year-old bride" giving charity gifts to poor people in District 8
Monday, 25/07/2016 04:00 (GMT+7)
This morning, on 15.07.2016, 4 stars from "8-year-old bride" had a charitable gift giving for over 300 poor farmers living in District 8. The event also have the participation of the majority Vietnamese artists. -  more
The star crew of "8-year-old bride" unexpected "knock" the audience’s house in Saigon
Monday, 25/07/2016 03:58 (GMT+7)
4 stars of "8-year-old bride" brought to the TodayTV’s audience many surprises when personally engage the reality show "Surprising Knock" of TodayTV. -  more
The star crew of "8-year-old bride" stir meetings with media and Vietnamese audiences by vibrant dance
Monday, 25/07/2016 03:57 (GMT+7)
This afternoon the cast of "8-year-old bride" had a friendly meeting with the media and Vietnamese fans. By the funny and vibrant dance, 4 stars from “8-year-old bride" was completely scored Vietnam fans heart in interacting part. -  more
Film stars “Cô dâu 8 tuổi - 8 year old bride” hold live concert in Vietnam
Monday, 25/07/2016 03:51 (GMT+7)
Vietnam audiences will have a chance to enjoy the talents of the film cast " Cô dâu 8 tuổi - 8 year old bride" via 2 live concert nights which will take place evening July 15th in  Ho Chi Minh City and evening July 17th in Hanoi -  more

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