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Paramount Channel VietnamA classical movie channel is introduced first time in Vietnam

With the purpose to satisfy the audience needs to enjoy international popular classical movies, from the 1st of January, 2017, IMC Group officially becomes the bridge to bring Paramount Channel to Vietnam. This means that Vietnam will be the second Southeast Asia after Thailand to develop and officially broadcast Paramount Channel.
Paramount Channel first appeared to the movie lovers in Spain 2012, then officially broadcasted in France 2013. After 4 years after the first broadcast, Paramount Channel has appeared in many territories from Europe, Latin America, and Asia. For each places, Paramount Channel has successfully built a distinct broadcasting schedule, diverse time frames, as well as strict quality movie selection that have won many awards in order to satisfy the audience all over the world. Along with Paramount Pictures – One of the world biggest movie studio containing many remarkable movies that have imprinted in most of the audience conscious, Paramount Channel has broadcasted many world classical movies such as: “Titainic”, “God father”, Mission impossible”, “Forrest Gump”… to the movie lovers globally.

Arrived in Vietnam with the official name “Paramount Channel Vietnam”, along with the mission to bring movies to every house so everyone can enjoy them right at home, Paramount Channel Vietnam will select quality content using a strict movies standard, in order to create a diverse entertaining “menu” with many special time frames surrounding the topic of life, close and fit for each member in the family… Along with Paramount Channel, Paramount Channel Vietnam will develop its way and brand based on the channel international standard. With Paramount Channel Vietnam, the audience who don’t have time or living near cinemas will still be able to enjoy your passion of watching popular Hollywood movies right at home. Paramount Channel Vietnam has a diverse time frames, movie themes changing every week and broadcast 24/7. Paramount Channel has 3 prime time, which include: 4:30 pm, 8:30 pm, 10:30 pm. Audience can now be able to enjoy blockbuster movies produced by Paramount Pictures – One of Hollywood best movie studio. As for each Thursday in every week at 8:30 pm and 10:30 pm, viewer’s bravery will be tested with thriller movies flooded by minutes of intense moment from Hollywood.

By developing in a unique way, Paramount Channel Vietnam promise to become a new culture to enjoy the world blockbuster movies, breaking the barrier between television and cinema, response to the trend of watching movie at home so audience can have the best experience while watching movies, as well as being a part of the future media development.
With the mission to bring movies to every house so everyone can enjoy them right at home, Paramount Channel Vietnam’s audience in the country will have a chance to enjoy Hollywood blockbuster movies right on Paramount channel Vietnam on HTVC (#16/Analog, #6/Digital), AVG (#42/KTS on ground, #65/Satellite), Hanoicab (#46/Analog, #48/Digital), MyTV (#17), NextTV (#29), FTP (#103) and other paid television systems. With Paramount Channel Vietnam, bring the cinema home is not an impossible task, this is a non-stop effort from IMC group and Paramount Channel Vietnam to win over millions of audience hearts all over the country.

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